Ksenia Sobchak boasted the perfect abs after childbirth

Ксения Собчак похвасталась идеальным прессом после родов Presenter glad I was able to lose weight. According to celebrity, it is almost back to its former shape. Ksenia got rid of the kilos during pregnancy. Fans leave enthusiastic comments under the new star in swimsuit.

Ksenia Sobchak became a mom late last year, has made maximum efforts to recover the body for summer. A celebrity that has always distinguished athletic body, trained hard and did yoga because I wanted to look amazing in a bikini.

Recently Ksenia has opened the beach season. Celebrity, dressed in a swimsuit is popular among socialite designer, took a selfie during your stay at the lake. In the caption to the picture she explained that finally got rid of the extra inches in the waist.

“It (the belly) is almost gone, although to leave was not going! Hurrah!” – shared the happy news Sobchak.

Members of the young women admire her figure and say that she did a great job on him. “All gone! Well done! The figure is super, Bravo, Kseniya! However, you have such a character that the stomach there was no chance,” “I know how hellishly difficult! Congratulations!”, “You have a very good complexion!” wrote the followers of the star.

By the way, sometimes the users of social media begin to criticize the presenter. Recently the Xenia without makeup has caused a storm of negative comments in her address. The celebrity has decided to fight back detractors and left a long post in which she explained that she’s satisfied with her appearance.

“I love myself like this, not to hide their faces, not throwing tantrums because of a failed photo friends. Yes, looks never helped, but not prevented me to succeed, and with the male attention never had a problem, quite the contrary. After all, sexual attraction is about energy, not the size of the lips. And, by the way, if I had to rate the beauty of women, Tilda Swinton or Jessica Chastain beautiful, to my taste, an endless ridge of Angelin Jolie different caliber, put a photo of yourself in a collective cry for help, in a bikini and with a weary look. “Help me feel confident!” shout me those pictures and poses. Try to find confidence elsewhere. Inside,” – said Sobchak.

Some fans of celebrities thought that the latest pictures in swimsuit and frame of the sauna is the answer to those who claimed that soon the woman will again become a mother. Ksenia Sobchak has provoked discussions on the second pregnancy