Ksenia Sobchak appeared in the swimsuit after pregnancy rumors

Ксения Собчак снялась в купальнике после слухов о беременности The presenter went on holiday to Thailand. Ksenia Sobchak and her husband Maxim Vitorgan and little son Platon enjoy long-awaited vacation. Recently ended the race in which took part famous.

Not so long ago, during the election campaign, some have suspected that Ksenia Sobchak is going to become a mother for the second time. That is what many attributed her excessive emotionality in their speeches at the debates. Some said that she became to prefer clothes that hide the figure. However, the TV presenter tried not to give direct answers to such a personal issue and worked around this theme party. Verdict: Ksenia Sobchak pregnant

Now Xenia with the whole family – the son of Plato and husband Maxim Vitorgan went on vacation. She posted a photo in a swimsuit taken on the beach.

“I always hated hashtag “relax, I deserve it”, but, in my opinion, this is the case when it is 100% true! After long months of tension without any output our family took a vacation!” – said Sobchak on the page in the microblog.

Followers began to discuss the scenes, which made Ksenia on vacation in Thailand. They watched the figure of the presenter to notice some changes. “Where’s the belly?”, “Ksenia, Smoking hot body and lovely figure swimsuit”, “she’s got Great figure. Watching them man, looks good” “I b a figure hid beneath a pair of b, then the photo and the public was exposed… But why in a bathing suit,” – says the subscribers.

For several weeks fans are trying to figure out how soon the family Vitorgan and Sobchak arrives. This topic is as interesting to the public that some people were interested in this question from a former colleague on the reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina.

“If pregnant Ksenia Sobchak? I do not know. It’s hard when you’re a public person, to speak about her pregnancy. This is a private moment, very personal. If a person wants to say, he is about to say. But if they don’t, they have every right to do,” said leading telestroke.

Sobchak first became a mother in November 2016. Then she gave birth the long awaited son of Plato. Now she loves the baby, although many remember her negative attitude towards children. However, some believe that she changed after the birth of the child. Ludmila Narusova has spoken out about the scandalous past of Ksenia Sobchak