Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan revealed the name of the son

Ксения Собчак и Максим Виторган раскрыли имя сына
The couple was inspired by the name of Greek origin.

Ксения Собчак и Максим Виторган раскрыли имя сына

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan

Photo: Elena Sukhova

So… Plato M. Vitorgan! In principle such an option
and was the most popular in the discussions since the birth of the baby. But only today
Maxim Vitorgan confirmed it. And, in an unusual way — by posting a photo
Christmas decorations, decorated with the word “Plato”.

Recall that the first-born Ksenia Sobchak was born on 18
Nov. Until the late period
pregnant star concealed his situation, thereby causing a lot of rumors,
that child is carrying a surrogate mother. But after Ksenia’s eve
childbirth posed for the cover of a glossy magazine, completely naked, doubts
disappeared from the most cynical of skeptics.

Maxim Vitorgan

Photo: Instagram Maxim Vitorgan

Have Vitorgan has two children from his first marriage: a 20-year-old daughter
Pauline and 16-year-old son Daniel. Maxim married Sobchak in 2013. Family
life had a positive impact on the character of Xenia that time
negative comments about other people’s children. That, in fact, now she often
remember detractors.

The choice of name for her son is justified. After all in translation from
Greek Plato means “broad-shouldered”. Maxim Vitorgan — a large body
and, surely, the son would go to his father. Interestingly, at the time of the famous philosopher Plato
it was given this name precisely because of his “oblique seven feet at the shoulders”. If you examine
the feature name, the son Sobchak will be active, active, pugnacious and
a stubborn child. To direct his energy in the right direction, parents
will have to challenge him. Plato will accept it with enthusiasm and achieve success.