Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan has declassified the name of the son

Ксения Собчак и Максим Виторган рассекретили имя сына The star couple stopped to remain silent. Recently Maxim Vitorgan shared the photo, which depicts one of the gifts baby. In the picture posted by the actor in the Network, you can see the name of the star heir of celebrities.

      In November of this year, Ksenia Sobchak gave her husband Maxim Vitorgan a charming boy. Childbirth took place in the leading elite hospital “Lapino”. Until recently, celebrities have been rather careful to hide details of private life and announced the baby’s name. Fans of the star couple have put forward many different versions, but none of them confirmed. As it turned out, the heir to Sobchak and Vitorgan called Plato. This conclusion fans of Ksenia and Maxim did after he saw the famous actor on Instagram. In the photo the actor holds star.

      “With the new! Thanks for the gifts!” – shared Vitorgan.

      Followers Vitorgan wished his family all the best. “Very beautiful name, My son is also named Platon”, “well Done, good health and happiness to you”, “sounds” was discussed by the subscribers of the artist.

      By the way, recently Ksenia Sobchak summed up the year and admitted that he is happy to be a mother. The celebrity and her husband loved the charming baby. “No matter how hard, no matter how played hormones, as if you haven’t been around, now I have someone who always and unconditionally loves me. And glad to see me. Always. And everything else I can handle. Not the first time”, commented Sobchak in his microblog.

      However, the leading known does not aspire to share with fans the joys of a new phase in his life.

      “My dear commissioners for the rights of my child, speaking now to the readers of my blog who never get tired of me writing posts in the style of “what about the baby” and “you’re the mother-cuckoo”. Do you think that it would be hard to fill the tape here so that’s photochemi with walking, Mimino photos of the baby, husband and other home-made sweets, as does the vast majority have given birth to the stars in search of a “better image”? I’m not trying to like you, so your blog about fashion and lifestyle I am sharing only what you think is right,” admitted the star.

      In mass media there was information that Sobchak and Vitorgan called son of Plato, but the star has refrained from commenting on this issue. “StarHit” contacted the entourage of celebrities, however there considered that such a hearing – humor Ksenia and Maxim. Earlier, Vitorgan repeatedly joked online about the addition to your family.