Ksenia Sobchak, accused detractors of the setup

Ксения Собчак обвинила недоброжелателей в подставе The TV presenter told fans that on her behalf well-wishers writing in various social media posts. Ksenia once again reminded the subscribers, where it is published. She also asked not to respond to provocation.

Ksenia Sobchak became a victim of fraud. As stated by a popular TV host, on her behalf social networks send out messages of different nature. The woman hastened to explain.

“Dear friends! I have no telegram channel, and all messages except the ones you see in my official “Instagram”, Facebook and Twitter fakes. Do not get fooled by provocation of the enemy”, – said Sobchak.

However, the more subscribers do not pay attention to her call, and on the very Xenia, and wrote a lot of compliments in the comments to the portrait of the presenter. “Ksenia, while only mastered “Instagram”, but very interesting to follow your page! Very beautiful photo”, “Radiant!”, “That’s a nice frame, Xenia!”, “I love your hair! You very much!” – said users of the Network.

Ksenia usually puts in his blog, snapshots from family trips, as well as numerous photos from social events, writes about events in the country and expresses the position at a high-profile public sabathia. More recently, the TV host responded to the altercation between the Posner and the global peace index, which arose between them on the social network.

“Strange, Mr President, in my view, to shift the responsibility for the interview to the interviewee. This is how to shift the responsibility for bad gig at the viewer. But the truth is that I know you well enough, knowing I have seen what some reason you do not want to talk with Vladimir Pozner. Did not want to open and generally was in the “deaf defense”. It happens, but such a defense is not to break even the nuclear warheads. In short, the conclusion is – better come to me to debate, boys. It’s just the journalist, the singer will give the same equal opportunity, well, do not quarrel or bicker just me in the air,” – said Ksenia.

Itself Ksenia also has often been the heroine of scandalous stories. A few years ago, the Network discussed her fight with Kate Gordon and Anastasia Volochkova. However, after marriage and the birth of a child Sobchak has changed. Now the woman often devotes touching posts son Platon, but also shares pictures taken with the family.