Ksenia Sobchak about the tyranny Vitorgan, internal suffering and fear for life

Ксения Собчак о тирании Виторгана, внутренних страданиях и страхе за жизнь The presenter gave a Frank interview to journalists, which was not afraid to touch on personal topics. Ksenia Sobchak told about how to combine work with taking care of the son and Plato get along with her husband Maxim Vitorgan. In recognition of the journalist, in many ways she consults with her husband.

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who is going to take part in the presidential elections in 2018, gave an interview to journalists. A celebrity openly spoke about family life with Maxim Vitorgan, the education of the son and Plato have shared your fears.

In recognition of the journalist, it is almost all consults with her husband, often dictating to his wife own rules. Fans of Xenia was rather surprised by her statement. Many are accustomed to treat the star as a very skittish nature, which is able to lead people and sometimes can be quite demanding and hard. However, at home, among loved ones, she behaves differently.

“I am terribly afraid of her husband. Don’t know how he managed to achieve this. All very happening. Basically, he man is not hard, however, I worried that doing something wrong, always gently treated. Of course, it’s very funny: in the minds of most I the head of the family, and my husband is a very gentle man, henpecked. But this is not so! All who closely communicate with me, I know: we live as Maxim wants,” he told the star.

Sobchak admitted that she didn’t like to live outside the city because of traffic jams and large distances. However, Vitorgan insisted to settle away from the bustling Moscow. Leading listened to the wife and sold my apartment that was renovated. Apparently, now steam periodically stops to “kopeck piece” on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, which belonged to the mother Vitorgan. More recently, celebrities have done it up.

Maxim Vitorgan arranged family home with Ksenia Sobchak

“I’m in the home, obedient wife, tender girl, take it do as he wants. It touches very much: relax, child, parenting, behavior. If my husband didn’t like how I dressed, what they say, where they played, I immediately correct it. I have always look at him”, – said Kseniya.

In recognition of the stars, she takes her husband with all his flaws. “Although I have meticulous sometimes begins to ask a lot of subsidiary questions – and it’s very difficult,” – said Xenia, noting that she didn’t always have the answers for your spouse.

The media personality says that it is not interested in partying, do not go to discos and do not know what trendy restaurants were opened. The maximum that can afford Xenia at a party a glass of champagne. Before leading put above all else, but now rushing home to sit with my son. “I’m in the inner suffering: on the one hand, I’m with Plato, on the other – understand the importance of this mission that I have today,” said Ksenia. According to star, they with Maxim are trying to speak with the baby as an adult.

“Of course, I want to cuddle his son and possycat, but I’m holding on, can not afford this. Don’t know what he will become, really try not to make a choice for him. I hope that he will not have to go to the President. Although it is not for me to decide, in our family democracy”, – said Sobchak.

During the conversation with journalists we were talking about the decision of Xenia to participate in the presidential elections. The star does not hide that he feared attempt on his life. In connection with the recent high-profile events, in particular, with the attack on the journalist of radio station “Echo of Moscow”, Sobchak has strengthened security protection, reports “Lenta.ru”. Vladimir Solovyov harshly chastised Ksenia Sobchak