Ksenia Sobchak about the naked photo: “I Wanted to show that pregnancy is beautiful”

Ксения Собчак о голом фото: «Хотелось показать, что беременность - это красиво» The presenter told why got naked for a magazine cover. Ksenia Sobchak has excited the public, starring in the Nude in the eighth month. As noted by the star, she carefully prepared for this project.

      Ксения Собчак о голом фото: «Хотелось показать, что беременность - это красиво»

      On the eve of the Network appeared the naked Ksenia Sobchak on the cover of a glossy magazine. TV presenter poses for the photographer, standing sideways so all can see her changing during pregnancy shape. Photoshoot stars caused heated discussions among Internet users. Some condemned her for such an intimate shot, while others praised appearance Sobchak.

      A special perspective: stars who dared to undress in an interesting position

      Evaluating the audience reaction to the provocative cover, Ksenia decided to explain to followers what exactly prompted her to pose for glossy magazines, and why she chose this book.

      “Seriously, I needed an incentive not to grow fat – but this shooting is the eighth month, and I was a bit hard not to eat after eight; to the memory of a brilliant photo shoot with your favorite photographer; become the first editor of one publishing house on the cover of the other. This is really unprecedented in the world of gloss and I’m proud of this breaking stereotypes. Donatella Versace, mistress of the Versace brand, starred in advertising Givenchy will understand me. And Yes, except for demi Moore had done dozens of Hollywood stars, it is a certain genre. Some people like it, some don’t. I wanted to show that pregnancy is beautiful and “not a disease”, about which I will write sure then. So here’s last tour turned out”, – explained Xenia.
      Ксения Собчак о голом фото: «Хотелось показать, что беременность - это красиво»

      In the comments of the star people said that you should not make excuses for the shooting. “Everything is fine! No need to justify to anyone!”, “Beautiful picture, beautiful condition women”, “Boy! Pregnancy is cool! Feel like a sacred vessel! And inside gin and child, one has only to Pat the vessel, such as gene begins to stir! Magic and witchcraft,” wrote the followers of the presenter.

      We will remind that fans Sobchak for about a week waiting for an heir. According to forecasts of many experts, the trip will be a boy. Her husband Maxim Vitorgan got so tired of the rumors that go around his wife, he decided to make fun of journalists. “You can write: Xenia birth to a boy and we named him Anton,” – said the actor. Maxim Vitorgan talks about adding to the family