Ksenia Sabitova for the first time decided to tell about the reasons of divorce

Ксения Сябитова впервые решилась рассказать о причинах развода
The daughter of the famous talasahi Roses Sabitova Ksenia has managed to survive a divorce with a lawyer Andrei Snetkov.

Ксения Сябитова впервые решилась рассказать о причинах развода

For a long time she did not dare in any way to comment on this information, and only recently finally first told about the reasons which led to this.

“I’m almost two years into the divorce. To be honest, I don’t know… the Only reason which was stated by the husband at the registry office, was the fact that he was not ready for married life,” – said Ksenia.

“I have a theory. The fact that Ksyunya, of course, the girl is innocent, knew nothing, love is crazy. And he, too, because nobody was pulling to the Registrar. Everything was consensual. It takes a month, and he does not live with her. Ksyunya talks about excuses, they say, he is stuffy in the spiritual sense. I said, “Well, let’s light the apartment.” The car I bought them the apartment they have, do not want to live. But began some excuses. To be honest, I kept to the last. Xenica did not understand what was happening,” put forward their point of view, the rose.

Xenia went through very difficult divorce, only two years later, she decided to speak on this topic. According to her, the husband just could not cope with public life.

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