Ksenia Sabitova first told about the divorce

Ксения Сябитова впервые рассказала о разводе The daughter of talasahi found the strength to talk to about the breakup with her husband. From the moment Xenia Sabitova went with a lawyer Andrei Snetkov, it took about two years. In recognition of the girl, her choice wasn’t sure that he wanted to marry.
Ксения Сябитова впервые рассказала о разводе

The heroine of the new issue of the program “let’s get married” was the rose Sabitova. Co-host of talasahi – Larisa Guzeeva and Vasilisa Volodina – tried to help a colleague with a search of the groom.

Rose’s daughter Sabitova Xenia also appeared in the Studio to support the mother. The girl experienced divorce lawyer Andrei Snetkov. Until recently, she preferred not to speak about parting with a lover. Rose Sabitova said that her heiress is extremely painful perceived spat with her husband. Only two years later, she found the strength to speak on a very difficult subject.

Larisa Guzeeva asked the girl about the reasons that triggered her divorce. “This, of course, For us there were so many experiences. I remember this wedding, I toast even remember who spoke. I was so nervous…” – addressed leading to the daughter’s colleagues.

Rose Sabitova said the collapse of the marriage of their daughter

“I’m almost two years into the divorce. To be honest, I don’t know… the Only reason which was stated by the husband at the registry office, was the fact that he was not ready for married life,” said Ksenia.
Ксения Сябитова впервые рассказала о разводе

The girl admitted that she is ashamed Guzeeva and Volodya. “I don’t know how to explain it,” said Xenia. The eye of the daughter of talasahi filled with tears. She admitted that she has no notion as to what destroyed her marriage. “Grow together”, – concluded the brother of Xenia Denis. Since then, the successor of the famous leading not communicated with her ex-husband.

“I have a theory. The fact that Ksyunya, of course, the girl is innocent, knew nothing, love is crazy. And he, too, because nobody was pulling to the Registrar. Everything was consensual. It takes a month, and he does not live with her. Ksyunya talks about excuses, they say, he is stuffy in the spiritual sense. I said, “Well, let’s light the apartment.” The car I bought them the apartment they have, do not want to live. But began some excuses. To be honest, I kept to the last. Xenica do not understand what is happening”, – said, in turn, rose Sabitova.
Ксения Сябитова впервые рассказала о разводе

According to Kseniya, Andrei seemed afraid to raise the topic of divorce. “He said, “We should split up and live separately”, – remembers the daughter of a movie star. Rose Sabitova suggested that Snetkov married its heiress. “Sailed about the fact that little was given. He was afraid of me. I told him: “You promised me a daughter happy to do, but I don’t see happiness,” said the leader.

Ksenia Sabitova also admitted that was the moment when the chosen one wanted to upset the engagement. This happened after Snetkov made an offer to the second half.

Ксения Сябитова впервые рассказала о разводе“He came and said, “and we can reschedule the wedding for later? In September-October.” At first I say: “Andrew, don’t worry…” When the situation was repeated several times, I could not resist: “do Not want, do not marry. Then we’re gonna go and get a statement from the Registrar’s office”, – said the daughter of talasahi.

Vasilisa Volodina noted that the choice of Xenia could not cope with the increased attention from the public. The girl recalled one occasion when Andrew was incensed by the publication in the press. The man did not like that the journalists decided to write about his family. “It just exploded,” said the heiress Rose Sabitova.