Ksenia Novikova: “Today is born our long awaited boy!”

Ксения Новикова: «Сегодня родился наш долгожданный мальчик!»
The singer announced the new addition to the family.

Photo: Instagram

Xenia Novikova has shared good news with his fans. Tonight she had a second nephew. The soloist of group “Brilliant” are unable to contain the joy and wrote a touching post on the Network.

“Today, the 25th of June at 0:15, we had our long-awaited boy! Our Yaroslav! My nephew! The son of my brother Maxim and his wife Olga, she said. — Olic, sweetie darling! That’s my girl! Proud of you and love you! Thank you Mose!!! I am now the happiest aunt twice! Love! Love! Love it!”

The singer has no plans to give birth to another child. She already has two sons from his first marriage — a 9 year old Myron and 8-year-old Bogdan. With their father, the singer divorced in 2011 and then won the real war for children. The ex-spouse Novikova took the boys to another country and, as it turned out, she managed to get them back.

However, the 38-year-old star still has time to give the baby the current spouse. And while she is busy with her career. Recently Ksenia returned to the group “Brilliant”.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!!! I returned to “Brilliant”!!! — said Xenia. — Again!!! I like the cat that walk-take a walk on the roofs, and then comes home!”

Novikov has already been active in the group, which now sing Marina Berezhnaya, Sylvia and Christina Zolotova Illarionov. In the spring of last year it became known that the team is leaving Nadia Handle — singer first went on maternity leave, and then announced that he would not return to the group. After some time, her place was almost occupied by TV presenter Veronika Romanova, but it soon became clear that she could not combine work on TV and singing in the team. The girl made a choice not in favor of “Brilliant”.Kseniya Novikova is one of the most popular soloists in the entire history of the “Brilliant”. She sang in the team the longest: a total of 12 and a half years! Once Novikova has already made a break for 4 years. In 2007 she went on a long maternity leave: first, the light appeared her eldest son Myron and a half later — Bogdan. So on stage she returned in 2011. next time Novikova left the group in January 2016. The decision to leave the team was given the woman a hard time, but she gave all their strength to their own projects. Xenia, along with experienced lawyer founded the charity organization “Our Sense of Life”, a professional helping to protect the rights and interests of family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood. Also she formed her own band which was called “Xenia”. But apparently, something went wrong. And then just “arrived” the offer from the producers to return to “Shiny” and Novikova takes it.

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