Ksenia Merz hinted at the relationship with the ex-spouse of Alena Kravets

Ксения Мерц намекнула на связь с экс-супругом Алены Кравец Ex girlfriend was found in the program “really”. As it became known, Merz Ksenia and Alena Kravets came to blows during a recent meeting. Experts the transmission tried to figure out, is why secular lionesses had a conflict.
Ксения Мерц намекнула на связь с экс-супругом Алены Кравец
Ксения Мерц намекнула на связь с экс-супругом Алены Кравец

In one of the previous editions of “actually” Xenia Merz was a guest on the transmission. Then from the audience for her stood up Alena Kravets. The singer claimed that she did not know anything about what merc is using drugs. However, after a while an old girlfriend was seriously posconflicto.

In the video, at the disposal of the program, you notice how young women fight. Transfer Kravets came with a guard, so worried for his life. During the show it became clear that the ex-spouse of the singer spoke with Mertz.

“Your beautiful husband… I decided to pay attention to him. Husband of Alena pays attention to me. He likes such chubby women. You are not quite to his taste. We talk. He reaches out to communicate,” said Ksenia.
Ксения Мерц намекнула на связь с экс-супругом Алены Кравец

Olga Leibman, familiar Mertz, confirmed that Ruslan has been in contact with rival Alena.

Kravetz accused his ex-girlfriend that she’s lying about the residence, and the crew of “actually” invited in someone’s house. Few mine disputes Ksenia confessed to the use of another cottage.

Shepelev tried to reason with the women, who competed with money and possessions. “I grew up in Minsk, and we had missed bulging wealth. If you’re wealthy, it would be better not to stick out”, – said Dmitry.

Ксения Мерц намекнула на связь с экс-супругом Алены Кравец

Experts transfer was struck by the ambition Kravets and Mertz. Women checked on the lie detector. It turned out that Xenia doesn’t even know how to be friends with the fair sex.

Merz argues that Allen’s not fair earns a life of luxury. “It is professionally engaged in escort service,” says the socialite. Kravetz began to defend himself, denying this information. Experts checked out doing a female escort. Alain replied “no”, admitted the truth.

Merz denied an intimate relationship with Ruslan, however, according to her, the man offered her relationship. Kravetz came to the Studio and called the behavior of Xenia vile. He promised that it is possible to initiate a criminal case for the insult.

“Its existence I only know from Alena. She called her his friend. What I feel for her sympathy, it was surprising,” – said Ruslan.

Spouse Kravets knows that Allen needs to show fragments of personal life, otherwise it will not cause the interest of the audience. Answering questions of experts, Ruslan admitted that he did not like the merc, and she he did not have an intimate relationship with Xenia.

It appeared, socialite came to the program to publicly humiliate Alain, as it is negatively spoken about Ksenia in social networks. “The puppet way Alena you envy and dislike,” so Sabine Pantus described the reason that led to the Studio Xenia.