Ksenia lukyanchikova lost a loved one

Ксения Лукьянчикова потеряла любимого
Star of TV series “the Red Queen” and “Wings of Empire” told about bereavement.

Ksenia Lukyanchikova

Ksenia lukyanchikova remembered by the audience for his roles in the TV series “the Red Queen” and “Wings of the Empire.” The actress admits that her character is susceptible – it is not just love lost, dissolved in the beloved.

“It all seems so crazy… If I love me, nothing can stop neither moral principles nor other people’s feelings… I can easily confess in the first love. Each person needs to fill some of his buds. In feelings it is impossible to provide a cushion, there is no guarantee of a broken heart. I don’t understand when the children impose, who and how to love. I do not impose. When they fell in love — do not stop. Why a woman can not be the first to confess his love? Why should I hide it? Life is too short. No matter who someone is the first to call, no matter who who write. Men is also a nice display of attention”.

Ksenia believes that love is all about dedication. Although such a selfless attitude to the beloved actress is often noticed that the opposite side her feelings are not shared.

“Sometimes we don’t even notice that someone we love, experiencing strong feelings. Had this in my life happened. But it’s not the worst. The worst thing is to lose a loved one. Forever. And it is not about the breakup… Yeah, I had a boyfriend Mitya. In 25 years, he died suddenly from cardiac arrest… When I learned it, the feeling was that in the soul hole. As if ten people ran up and stabbed me in the chest the water pipe, she had me pierced, and now in the soul of a wild draft. It’s hard to describe my feelings then. Mitya some time already lived in Moscow, worked in the theater “Romen”. All the people of his theatre knew that somewhere in St. Petersburg on the third-year student Ksenia, his bride. We met when I was a freshman and he was on the third. On the ninth day he gave me a gold ring with the inscription “save and protect”. Externally it is difficult to distinguish from the wedding. For us it was an engagement. Mitya always said that we will get married. But then due to various circumstances we broke up. It happens that the young hot people don’t understand each other. He graduated, moved to Moscow. For some time we did not communicate. And then began again. Just a week before his death he wrote to me that we need to meet and talk. His entire theater knew that he was going to propose to me. But I’m so afraid and not wait… the Ring he gave me, I shore. And I feel that Mitya protects me, and in that light. He became my guardian angel”.

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