Ксения Бородина посвятит татуировку младшей наследнице TV presenter decided on a new inscription on the body. On one forearm Xenia monograms embossed the name of Mary, the eldest heiress of the star. Now one of the most popular bloggers’s Instagram will make a pattern for Thea.

      The TV reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina decided on a new tattoo. The star of the esters shown in the microblog the inscription in Latin “Teona”, which craftsman will fill on her skin. Regular pectoral figure Ksenia would dedicate his youngest daughter, Theon, who was born about a year ago. Apparently, the tattoo will appear on the second hand Xenia closer to December 22. This day was born the second heir to the presenter.

      This tattoo will be the third to star electroni. The left forearm is decorated with the inscription “Mary”, which she made after the birth of her first daughter in 2009. Also ankle Borodina is decorated with the pattern of the pen. In March 2015 she scored an old tattoo, as this place was previously depicted a Dolphin.

      Fans of the presenter believe that her daughter Theon will love this tattoo mom when she’s a little older. “How sweet and symbolic,” “Good! Will show off next to Mary. This bond is for life”, “Xenia, you are a wonderful mother”, “Great! A very beautiful script,” wrote the followers of the star.

      Borodin tries to hold heirs more time. Television star and her husband Kurban Omarov often go on vacation with the whole family. Little Theon have already visited in Turkey and the UAE. Apparently, the girl can tolerate even long trips. Fans Borodina always say that the baby grows very beautiful and marvel at her outfits.

      Star mother believes that the child grows up very happy. “It is difficult to say what Thea’s character because she is very small. But I can say that Mara at her age was quieter, – the eldest daughter I have a more serious girl, thoughtful, and Thea laughs a lot, very helpful. While it is demanding – not screaming and not crying, but grunting as if saying to me: “I Want this right now,” said Borodin.

      The eldest daughter Xenia Marusya helps her mother to babysit the baby. Very often the girl looking after my sister while the parent is busy with household chores. Borodin in the microblog to share a funny video, in which Theon is learning to crawl around the house and play with the house cat.