Ksenia Borodina: “We are already 12 years live and love each other”

Ксения Бородина: «Мы уже 12 лет живем и любим друг друга» The famous show “the House-2” celebrates his birthday with a special issue. Heroes of telestroke prepared the audience for a big surprise. Over the years of the project many participants were able to build a career and to establish privacy.

      Ксения Бородина: «Мы уже 12 лет живем и любим друг друга»

      Hard to believe, but the project “Dom-2” on TNT was 12 years old. Impressive for such date by the standards of the television reality show reached thanks to the inexhaustible flow of talented and prominent participants. Birthday show heroes has prepared a special holiday edition.

      Certainly to the audience it would be interesting to look into the future and see how it will look in the life of the stars project, say, thirty years later. Will Ilya Yabbarov international fame as a singer, what will the Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky, who will marry Kate King – on these and other issues, the participants will try to answer for yourself. In addition, especially for the sake of the concert Andrei Cherkasov repeat the famous scene of eating Crown chicken, Alexandra Artemova will turn into Liberg, and Eugene Kuzin try on the two brightest image – Michael Jackson and his ex-mother-in-law Irina Alexandrovna Agibalova.

      Characters of the show to congratulate the presenters, who have seen in his lifetime already a lot of tears, scandals, breakups, fights, reconciliations, passion and love in the show “Dom-2”. “During this time we have experienced many events, many changes in life. Were of frustration and grief, but our family is always cheerful, kind and most importantly – loving. In General, it is very difficult to live in the same house in the same area a large amount of completely different people. But we are already twelve years live, develop and love the other,” said Ksenia Borodina.

      Longtime partner of TV presenter Olga Buzova itself began his career as a member of telestroke. She came in a reality show at the age of 18 and since then her life is inextricably linked with the “House-2”. “Thanks to the project I had the opportunity to realize themselves. During these 12 years I have worked as a writer and as an actress, and as a designer and as a presenter. “The house-2” became for me the starting point and along with the project I grew up, matured and became more confident. I wish “the House-2″ prosperity, good ratings and interesting participants”, – commented Olga Buzova.

      Congratulations to the participants “House-2” can be seen at midnight from 11 to 12 may in a special edition of the show.

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