Ksenia Borodina was injured in the Seychelles

Ксения Бородина пострадала на Сейшелах
The TV presenter was justified for the lack of waist.

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Ksenia Borodina has a dream job: TV presenter, recently flew to the shooting of the project “Dom-2”, held in the Seychelles. Along for the ride she took the two daughters and husband. Family composition was stranded on an island for two weeks.

Paradise trip, however, ended for Xenia is not the best way. On the last day of Borodin’s got a sunburn: TV personality “burned” in the sun. She “burned” the face becoming crimson red. It was not the only trouble. While on a layover for a connecting flight Borodin’s lost tablet. “We uneventfully do not know, left my iPad on the plane, waiting to see what will return,” she complained on the social network.

On top of that, she admitted, greatly dissatisfied with their current appearance. She can not get rid of the gained during the Christmas holidays extra pounds. Their experiences Borodina shared with subscribers, she has more than 10 million.

By the way, people interested in the life of Xenia, two million less than her colleague Olga Buzova. She recently spoke on this topic, making it clear that the condemned stars dishonest by “raising” his subscribers. Perhaps it was a hint at Olga? “Always grateful for your interest to my profile, thank you that you 10.2 million, that’s huge for me, these subscribers are proud of it very much. No wound, as if from the block pulled out, that 11 million would be passed over for sure! Okay, why do we need numbers, we need quality, not quantity!”— said Ksenia in the Network.