Ксения Бородина подверглась резкой критике из-за реакции на смерть отца The TV presenter has been condemned by many fans. The TV host posted a selfie the next day after the news of the death of a relative. This young woman did not comment on the tragedy that has outraged her fans.
Ксения Бородина подверглась резкой критике из-за реакции на смерть отца

18 may 2018, it became known that his father passed away Ksenia Borodina Kim Amaev. The news shocked many fans of the star. They were quick to Express condolences to the presenter, but the young woman preferred not to comment on the news.

The next day, she posted a selfie from the car, which angered her fans. According to them, the star is not upset due to the death of a close relative, and therefore continues to conduct its microblog. In the end, hundreds of fans descended on Borodin criticism.

“Remember how my father died. I generally settle on the could, and Xenia photos in Instagram posts”, “I expected at least some reaction, but for some reason you did not comment on the Pope’s death. All this is strange”, “Xenia, strength to you! You need to turn off the phones and just come to terms with grief,” wrote fans Borodina.
Ксения Бородина подверглась резкой критике из-за реакции на смерть отца

Itself Ksenia continues to remain silent. Despite the fact that many members had descended on her with criticism, there were those who supported the star. “Why does she have to report to you about the funeral? Maybe she is going through, but just not showing it”, “Everyone is so outraged that Borodin posted a photo the day after his father’s death. That’s just on the photo you can see how upset she was, eyes sad”, – said fans of the presenter.

Earlier, a young woman repeatedly told that her parents earlier divorced. That is why the star had a strained relationship with his father. Dad Xenia had replaced Jenny’s stepfather, with whom she often saw and talked.

Some months ago Borodin even shared with a joint photo with her stepfather, telling how much this man affected her life.

“Thank you for what you have in my life, thank you for my childhood, for always showing me kindness. There are relatives of the Pope, and there are people like you, who could I replace one of the most important people in my life. You gave me education, I traveled around the world thanks to you, always a warm word from you, never in my life did not raise his voice,” wrote the presenter.

But sharing photos with family father Borodin never posted. It is known that the man lived in Georgia. That’s why, when a couple of months ago a young woman together with her husband went to Tbilisi, her fans suggested that she try to improve relations with the Pope. However, health Amoeba Kim did not allow him to enjoy fellowship with a stellar daughter.

Myself leading “House-2” prefers not to comment on the criticism. Apparently, Xenia’s really hard going through the loss and prefer not to stir up controversy with fans.