Ксения Бородина была вынуждена завести с дочкой разговор о смерти
Leading project “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina had to inform eldest daughter Marusya unfortunate news.

Ксения Бородина была вынуждена завести с дочкой разговор о смерти

Died recently the dog their grandmother. Xenia thought for a long time, how to tell the girls. In the end, decided that Mara tells, and Theon will have to wait.

About how to talk to children about death, Borodin shared with subscribers:

“Today, I want to raise is not very pleasant, in my opinion very necessary. You talk with your children about death?! Yesterday my grandmother died, the dog with which she had lived for 15 years Struga ((( and the first thing I thought, I need not to say anything to the girls! My first thought is how to trick Theon and Mara , to not let them know. Then I still went ahead and gently told Mara, from Teona still hidden, although she only said this morning, come to my grandmother the first Strudy will take on hands. And it is necessary on these topics to speak with the children, you should be able to take the grief, to be able to empathize, to be able to cry. We always hide the pain, close, erase, stifle yourself. In Europe, quietly take the children to the funeral, tell and show, explain in the end.

Ксения Бородина была вынуждена завести с дочкой разговор о смерти

And you have all the hidden , hush hush, it’s easier to cheat , easier to recognize. Me as kids with the animals and lied to, and I waited, and when he came back from the hospital, and can not lie. Otherwise, then it is very difficult to get out of it. My friend went to the funeral of a close friend, I was still so surprised, I thought why not, I said no one with whom the child had to leave(( on the one hand so to carry of course not necessary, but a close friend, and you didn’t come… I was surprised. We fear it and try not to talk on this subject, and as it turned out we need to talk…. many have asked where is your Dad, why you never wrote and never said my dad died over a year ago and I anyone did not talk about. Well here is clear, I’m not everybody needs to lay, but even with loved ones, I’m on the subject of speaking was not ready, and now understand what you need and it is important to talk it through.

The theme of death is a reference point that create the child some stability, train it the emotional power of and preparing him for the real world. The child has the right to ask questions and get answers. Child it is important to have the opportunity to discuss, to experience, to be not deceived. Well, if good, then we’ll all live happily ever after. Have a good day, and here was my #mysliwska”.

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