Ксения Бородина облачилась в свадебное платье The TV presenter wore an outfit similar to the one in which she married. Fans still can’t understand what is happening in family life presenter. Ksenia Borodina participated in the filming of the clip.

      Ксения Бородина облачилась в свадебное платье

      The last time fans wondering what’s going on in the family unchallenged leading TV project “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina. After her husband Kurban Omarov went to Spain, where the actress Nastassja Samburski, fans suspected that between husband and wife had a disagreement. Today Borodin has intrigued fans with photo in wedding dress, very reminiscent of the outfit in which she went down the aisle.

      “She’s in her dress or me?”, “She in her dress?”, “Veil… Maybe this is attempt number two? Second chance my husband?”, “Well done. Come the third time. And let all the tear of envy. As they say someone else and not once took” – wondered the followers Borodina.

      As it turned out, Ksenia participates in the filming of the video for the new song of a musician Kravets and Tony Tonite, “I’d like to know.” In addition to the presenter, in the filming took part in other girl, also playing the role of brides in wedding dresses.

      Fans look forward to when the beautiful pair of Xenia and one of the first to reestablish relations. After the scandal, which implicated Samburski, lobster was not in a hurry to justify to the public. Most recently, he told the real reason why were sent to Europe to Nastasia.

      “In Spain you have a big company. We were there discussing the project, signed the contract. It so happened that she was there on vacation, and my company flew her to Spain, not to lose time,” – wrote in the microblog lobster.

      Despite the scandal that erupted after his visit, Kurban tried to keep the conflict did not affect the heirs. Kurban Omarov: “I am Confident that She will be able to find a solution”

      “I am very much attached to their children, and today the hardest thing for me is to realize that I miss my little Princess will explore the world, her first steps, first word, emotions. I am sure that we are with Ksenia, as adults, will be able to find a solution on the issue of children. Children for me the most Holy, and I have my whole life, no matter what, I will perform a father’s duty,” the thought of lobster in the social network.

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