Ksenia Borodina wants to persuade the wife to move to China

Ксения Бородина хочет уговорить супруга переехать в Китай
Famous TV presenter Ksenia Borodina most of his life lived in Moscow.

Ксения Бородина хочет уговорить супруга переехать в Китай

Although my mom tried to persuade her to move in with her to the island of Capri, she was adamant, and studying in England made her leave Russia. Recently Borodin spent some time in China and truly loved this country.

“I will arrive to Moscow and I will try to persuade her husband to move to China. Well, to be honest, I sometimes think that it would be possible one day to pick up and move the whole family. Children will speak English as the native language, to communicate with people of different cultures. In the end, will live, because to live in Moscow hard, actually sometimes seems that we live and exist”, — said the presenter.

According to Kseniya, she was surprised with the Chinese and open-hearted people, she not in a hurry, but nevertheless all time.

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