Ксения Бородина проходит курс болезненных процедур
The presenter saves your hair.

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Lookbook Bella Potemkina

Ksenia Borodina, the hallmark of which is long
years, is delicate, feminine haircut, is preparing a tough test for his
hair. Under the supervision of experts leading “House-2” will be the rate of plasma
— cosmetic procedure that is performed with injections.
manipulation contributes to the suspension of hair loss, as well as a positive effect
on the General condition of the hair.

“I have long heard about this procedure and decided
we will try, — said Xenia. Called
plasmatherapy: today is one of the best procedures to stimulate
hair growth! I will take a course in my favorite clinic and share with you
results. One tube only costs 2000 rubles.”

From the name “PRP”, it follows that the injection
is created on the basis of biological material of the patient. From Vienna take the client’s blood,
then give it to a special laboratory for further processing.
Experienced doctors put it in a centrifuge,
purified from erythrocytes and other elements. Thus, the experts will get
plasma, within which will prevail platelets: they are necessary
for the procedure, as it is able to awaken hair follicles,
to accelerate the regeneration of the scalp and slow down the process of dying