Ksenia Borodina told me all about her divorce from her husband

Ксения Бородина рассказала всё про развод с мужем
TV presenter revealed to his followers eyes to the truth.

Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov

Photo: Instagram.com

Ksenia Borodina revealed
finally, one of the main intrigues of this summer. The past two months fans of
Kim’s conjecture about what is happening in her family. Steam suddenly ceased to live together, to wear wedding rings and to appear at social events. A
suggested that the disorder relations of Xenia with Kurban Omarov temporary, but
it turned out that the situation was much more serious. Borodin’s first openly
told about the reasons for the separation from her husband.

“It’s just the father of a child
so I try worthy (if it is dirty situation)
to get a divorce. The reasons are many, I thought he would be able to be a loving husband and
a caring father (as he presents himself to the public) But this night 12
Dec, I remember all my life, my husband came home at 7 am to go home with another
party, and I had 10 days to delivery! All that is written about the betrayal, it
true, and I found out about it. Even know the apartment of our mutual friend,
which “covers” its hard hanging out with cheating. So Ulam, Tan,
The t and all the rest want health. Want to sleep with a man Borodina
forward, if you are not afraid, we are all in God’s hands. You may think that this
piece of glory, but actually a dirt you until the end of life is unlikely to change.
I lived in the pink glasses, was pregnant and believed her husband thought about to be born
Thea and the outcome of his party, he will take up daughter and senses. But this
did not happen…” — wrote in the microblog TV presenter. It seems that this message Borodin has put a fat point in the relationship with your spouse. By the way, he recently admitted that he has no contact with her for some time.

Now fans are concerned about the fate of the baby Thea, the father of which is Eid. Fans have not lost hope that the couple will try to maintain at least some relationship between them, for the sake of the little girl. Record TV presenter
touched the hearts of millions of its subscribers. Most of them try
to support Borodin and tell a similar story, but with a happy ending.

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