Ксения Бородина рассказала о своем уходе из «Дома-2»
TV presenter shocked fans unexpected announcement.

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Recently in the Network spread information about the care of Ksenia Borodina of the fame of her project. There were rumors that the “House-2” for the presenter even has already prepared a replacement. Xenia this information for a long time did not comment and her fans is confusing. However, Borodin has decided to reveal the suspense and tell about how things really are.

“I’m not leaving Home-2, if that happens, I will let you know!” assured fans of the TV presenter.

Incidentally, in addition to this she at once decided to answer a few more important among her fans questions. For example, she confessed that she had not resorted to plastic surgery to “pump up the lips and paste the teeth”. In addition, Borodin told about his real weight, which shocked her fans. As it turned out, according to the Xenia, she with the growth of 164 cm weighs only 45 pounds.

Recall that last week, the youngest daughter Borodina — Thea was in the hospital. She was hospitalized because her assailant virus. The doctors are quickly able to help the daughter of a TV presenter and managed with high temperature.

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