Ксения Бородина устроила грандиозный праздник дочери Marusya was seven years old. Fans of the presenter does not get tired to admire her family and sent their wishes to the girl in birthday. Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov also wrote warm words to the birthday girl.

      Ксения Бородина устроила грандиозный праздник дочери

      Permanent leading reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina celebrates the birthday of his eldest daughter Marusya. The girl was seven years old. For the whole family star is a real holiday. The younger sister of Mary, Theon, which is not even half a year, also congratulated the birthday girl.

      Ksenia Borodina put the touching photo where the eldest daughter holds a baby on hands. “Tears of happiness. They are krutyshki I have,” wrote Borodin in the microblog.

      Ksenia Borodina teaches the responsibility of the eldest daughter

      Fans couldn’t ignore such a lovely photo of the girls and hastened to Express his admiration. “That’s very nice. You have incredibly beautiful children”, “Wow, what are baby Thea’s hair is already long! But Marusya’s birthday!”, “So sweet and touching. Sisters. You will always have at least two true and loyal friend”, “how lovely. Baby has already volosski long. Then as Mara probably will be elegant. Happiness to your family, Xenia!”, – wished the fans.

      Ксения Бородина устроила грандиозный праздник дочери

      One of the first Marusya congratulated on the seventh, of course, mother. Ksenia published a long letter in the microblogging daughter. She promised she would do everything for the happiness of their children.

      “That’s my girl. My reflection. How much I love you, my darling, not to convey in this text. You are the kindest and most faithful man in the world. I’m always in your sight, you always look at the mother that all was well. You’re my friend, you’re my adult eyes, the warm hugs, they are only yours. Daughter, today, 10 Jun thee seven years. I live for you, my dear, I will put my life to give you all and be proud of such daughters! I’m proud of you dear! I know you will achieve a lot in life that you’ll always be enveloped in my love and affection! I’m sorry, I’m sorry if I’m not always around you that are busy with work, but know that everything I do I do for you SIS! My man, my copy, my reflection, from the day you were born,” wrote Borodin.

      Also the husband of TV presenter, Kurban Omarov, sent warm words to the girls. He admires her spiritual qualities, which could not fail to mention. “Marusia, the girl is very calm, well-mannered, giving much time, creativity, has a phenomenal memory, prone to self-education, taking prizes in the sport. For all the time that I’ve known Mary, I never heard that she even shouted or said about someone rude. Even Anticom it practical for You with respect even though this guy doesn’t always deserve it. Despite her young age, already clearly visible rod, well, it is obvious that she is self-sufficient, living in harmony with your inner world. Remember when we met, the first thing that caught my eye is that five year old child thinks and uses logic as if behind her back 12 years. It is possible to have a conversation like an adult . All this combined with natural beauty makes Mary extraordinary child, who today is a holiday. I rejoice in the fact that Teona is such an older sister, I want to congratulate the Marussia happy birthday, wish her a long and happy life”, – congratulated the spouse Borodina.

      Ксения Бородина устроила грандиозный праздник дочери

      Interestingly, for daughters Xenia and Eid al threw a children’s party in the style of the cartoon “the little Mermaid”. Little Mary was dressed in a beautiful dress of emerald color. Surrounded by friends, she received congratulations from favorite fairy tale characters. The fun lasted several hours.

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