Ксения Бородина поблагодарила фанатов за поддержку Leading admitted that did not expect to receive so many warm words after the recognition of the divorce. Ksenia Borodina decided to divorce her husband Kurban Omarov, after she became aware of his infidelities.

      Ксения Бородина поблагодарила фанатов за поддержку

      On the eve of Ksenia Borodina made a sensational recognition. Famous TV presenter said in his microblog the truth about the destroyed family life Kurban Omarov. It turns out that for a long time businessman cheated on his wife. The star became aware of the fact that her husband cheated on her with another woman for ten days before her delivery.

      Ksenia Borodina is divorcing her husband because of infidelity

      After the publication of a Frank story about the reasons why she has decided to divorce the first presenter received a powerful support from their fans and friends. Throughout the night they talked about their similar stories, gave advice on how to cope with resentment. Borodin thanked fans for the positive, which they were able to get her in a difficult moment of her life.

      “You know, I didn’t expect… I didn’t expect that you will support me! Thank you very much! You are my army! You so much, you are all different, but each today, I felt as if you were sitting next to you! I’ve read them all! I just am tired of being silent… I read a huge number of messages in direct with similar stories, I’m sorry. Sorry… is Someone, someone to forgive, I never judged anyone, just my story, it is different. And there are many pitfalls! I ask of you is that you will always remember about yourself and thinking about your inner peace! About children, about health! Mistakes are made by all, and I am no exception… everybody says I’m strong. Perhaps this is the case. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! But a strong man, you see my weakness, it will be a joy to understand that there is a small and fragile woman who, like everyone, wants love!” – said Xenia.

      Yesterday, the leading “House-2” published in Instagram a detailed story about how she lived the last few months. It turns out that the star is divorcing her husband. The reason was his loose way of life.

      Husband Ksenia Borodina rest in Spain with Nastassja Samburski

      “It’s just the father of the baby, so I try worthy (if it is dirty situation) to sign the papers, wrote Borodin. – There are many reasons, I thought, he can be a loving husband and a caring father (as he presents himself to the public). But this night December 12, I remember all my life, my husband came home at 7 am with another home party, and I had 10 days to delivery! All that is written about infidelity, it’s true, and I found out about it. Even know the apartment of our common friend Gregory of Join), which “covers” its hard hanging out with cheating. So Ulam, Tanya, Oksana, and everyone else I wish you health”.

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