Ксения Бородина учит дочь танцевать под хиты Костюшкина The TV presenter shared an amusing video in the social network. Ksenia Borodina amused fans by posting a touching video in which she dances with a little Theon the song Stas Kostushkin.

      Despite a tight schedule and a lot of urgent matters, Ksenia Borodina takes the time to disengage from worries and just have fun with their children. Known TV presenter has shared one of such happy moments with fans.

      Star has published in the microblog funny video, where she having fun with her younger daughter Theon. Ksenia holds a baby on his hands, dances with her and sings the hit Stas Kostyushkin “Woman, I don’t dance”. It is worth noting that the video was quite funny, because Borodin and myself during his record couldn’t hold back the laughter. In the end, she firmly kisses the daughter.

      “Sometimes you want to share the video, we get mad at home with the girls! We on the positive, what you want to wish”, signed movie star.

      Video published borodylia (@borodylia) Jun 27 2016 at 1:23 PDT

      Filled with good feelings fans were quick to thank the leadership and Express your emotions in the comments.

      “How cute, just umnichki, sweet Thea” “What you’re big, sweet are”, “Xenia, you’re wonderful! Good luck to you and forces,” “Really lifted the mood! What are good”, “so cute, so I wonder what the baby like,” wrote the followers Borodina.

      By the way, the little Tay is literally awash in the care and attention of parents. The other day in his microblog girl’s father, Kurban Omarov left a touching post. “I am very much attached to their children and do my duty as a father, no matter what,” wrote spouse Borodina.

       Photo face younger daughter Borodina called emotion from fans

      I must say, fans of Xenia was happy to hear from her mouth that she Kurban’s all good. Indeed, in recent years in social networks are actively discussing the family life of a star. Many fans of the couple expressed surprise that a husband and wife has ceased to publish a joint photo.

      “I will answer all at once, someone will ask about your personal life. To be honest, on the one hand I am pleased that people in such large numbers is very worried and think of me and write all the time, but let’s get personal will remain personal. Please, please, don’t pull me on the subject, – said Xenia during the live broadcast chat “Periscope”. – I understand that you all are experiencing. All is well!”

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