Ksenia Borodina showed an unexpected gift

Ксения Бородина похвалилась неожиданным подарком
Earlier Ksenia Borodina often brought under the anonymous names of the bouquets to the clearing of the project Dom-2. But after Kubrina Omarova, many men disappeared.

Ксения Бородина похвалилась неожиданным подарком

And today suddenly She boasted a huge bouquet of roses salmon color. From whom such a luxurious gift, Borodin has told.

Ксения Бородина похвалилась неожиданным подарком

“You deserve those roses even more clever”

“What a beautiful bouquet “

– write fans.

And there are more “dense” maniacs who write:
“Xenia you I Sedna dreamed with kids we like the friends were walking near your huge home .Dream was nice just Purely friendly relationship perhaps you have a true friend,a Friend I had a dream so))…..”.

In any case, we hope that this bouquet from her husband, because “weather in the house” jealousy is not necessary to break.

Especially given the fact that he Kurban Omarov periodically shares the passions that boil in his relationship with his wife.

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