Ksenia Borodina said that would do if my daughter wants to go to the “House-2”

Ксения Бородина сказала, что будет делать, если дочки захотят пойти на "Дом-2"
TV presenter Ksenia Borodina day-to-day hears the same question.

Ксения Бородина сказала, что будет делать, если дочки захотят пойти на "Дом-2"

Readers Instagram, constantly demanding the closure of the project, write the same thing: “And you would send their children into the “House-2″?”.

Finally, the day of issue commemorative issue of the magazine Ksenia on the cover placed a photo of all leading telestroke, answer to haters:

“The attitude of the house-2 has always been controversial! Someone loves, someone hates and it is also feelings, someone hides what looks, many do not hide and speak openly, someone was watching never, but one hundred percent heard about us. 15 years on television is a long time)) great experience and of course success! The question is often asked, and you sent their children to such a project? I don’t know the fate of their children, I send them and try to make life special! We have a huge number of participants from orphanages, from different families, someone’s fate, someone not! But they’re all people who commit mistakes or on the contrary showed an example of what is good and what is bad. This life and it many of you are interested. Most importantly, Let them speak, and we will continue to show. @dom2magazine thank you for the beautiful cover”

– wrote Ksenia.

I wonder how You would react to the news Your child that he was casting on “the House-2”?

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