Ksenia Borodina reproaches himself for “failures” at his daughter

Ксения Бородина корит себя за «срывы» на дочку
TV presenter admitted that losing control during a quarrel with Mary.

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Ksenia Borodina leads almost around the clock coverage of family life in social networks. From the atmosphere in the house presenter, seems ideal: happy children, a loving husband… But she says that over a “glossy” pictures in the Network are problems and quarrels which often happen in most families, especially with older small children.

Borodin’s Frank admission: she is often arguing with the eldest heir. Mainly the misunderstanding between her and Mary occurs on the grounds of the school. Ksenia is waiting for the daughter of one of the fives. The girl doesn’t always pay attention in class, so it is not a straight a student. Leading “House-2” scolds Mary for nonideal performance, often losing control of himself in such situations.

“I reproach myself that abuse, but I blamed for assessment. Can’t help it, I just can’t not control it… Then you feel guilty, — says Ksenia. Mary learns well, but it was good, not great, as I would like… As always start well module, and finally begin to make mistakes. I was never an excellent student, although he finished the school well. But I am me, and Mara is completely different!”

Apparently, Xenia’s so demanding on the Marussia because he sees in her great potential. The other day, by the way, her daughter took third place in the open championship of artistic gymnastics. So, Borodina has reason to be proud of the older girls. Fans suggest to pay more attention to the achievements of the child and not his “mistakes”.