Ksenia Borodina put your children in danger

Ксения Бородина подвергла своих детей опасности
Presenter health risks of the subsidiaries for the perfect vacation.

Ksenia Borodina with her daughter Marusia and Theon

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

As you know, Turkey is now in full “raging” Coxsackie virus. Ksenia Borodina was not afraid of the warnings of doctors and still took two daughters (the youngest only a year and a half) in Belek. Despite the rumors that it was in that hotel, where he stayed a anchor with the family, there were several outbreaks of the disease, she continues to enjoy the perfect vacation.

Borodin believes that her daughters — Mary and Thea insidious infectious disease is not in danger. She firmly sure for a number of reasons. To start Ksenia considers that the “right” thoughts attract good events and Vice versa. Therefore, she believes that it is important to positively tune for the trip. “It’s everybody honestly, how anyone feels. If you stay positive — everything will be fine. The main thing that all the fears in your head, just decided to relax, then relax not think about the bad. Of course, it is necessary to take precautions: children wash hands constantly, take all the necessary medicines. We don’t go swimming in the community pool and hang out longer at sea. No one is immune to hurt and of course nobody wants, but the virus is everywhere now, so I wish all of you health and always think positive, what will be will be!” — shared his thoughts Xenia.

By the way, the Coxsackie virus recently spoke Anfisa Chekhova, also resting in Turkey. In her words, “horror stories” about the dangerous infection — nothing like fiction. “We have the hotel all safe and sound ride, like horses, with the sea for lunch, from lunch to dinner, from dinner to the disco! In the pool we don’t really swim, but only because the sea is so warm that the pool and does not pull,” — said Anfisa.

Recall that the “victims” of the Coxsackie virus are mainly small children. The disease has a characteristic enterovirus infections symptoms. However, a “standard set” is added to a characteristic rash. In addition, cases of suffer from high fever and dehydration.