Ксения Бородина публично высказалась в адрес Ольги Бузовой TV host publicly appealed to the colleague on her concert. Ksenia Borodina visited the concert of Olga Buzova and acknowledged the success of colleagues deserved. But more recently, fans believed that the star of TNT not communicate with each other outside of work.

Xenia and Olga Borodina Buzova colleagues. They’re both super popular project “Dom-2” on TNT, but on the set rarely intersect. And indeed they can hardly be called friends. Attentive fans of telestroke noticed that as of about a year Xenia and Olga try as little as possible to see each other – do not go to the same social events, do not celebrate the holidays together. Fans of both came to the conclusion: co-host not wish to communicate with each other, and nothing can change that.

In fact, the relationship between TV stars very warm and respectful. In any case, Ksenia Borodina did a nice Olga Buzova. She came to the concert with his colleagues, took the stage and presented a huge bouquet of roses and even made a public statement, admitting out loud that His cool. Although in fairness, we note that Olga almost provoked Xenia, on stage by asking her a question: “You don’t want to say anything? How beautiful I am, what my vocal?” asked Buzova. And Ksenia, she and all those present at the club said.

“Olga, I think, without further ADO… Here are these people who your people, and which came today – that every time the proof you’re such a badass, And I want you to no longer be in your life men WI FI to finally met the real Prince, and that you were loved, and to be really good. But you’re very cool. Well done. Let’s hear it for Olga Buzova!”, – said from the scene Borodin.

Olya thanked Xenia: “It’s very nice, because She is very busy, and for the first time at my concert,” she said. Many fans Buzova not believe Borodina. They remembered, though Ksenia in some interviews, call Olga a “snob” and this explained why would never be friends with her. Other fans noticed that Borodin was near Buzova, when she was going through a divorce with Dmitry Tarasov. “Good job, supported his colleague. They are about friendship never spoke after the divorce was supported by Ksenia Olga”. But most still praised the act Borodina: “I don’t want to go and analyze the sincerity of Xue, but it is good to see the girls together, and good to hear from Xue these words addressed to Oli! The most important thing that she said them for the whole world, and all heard,” wrote a follower.