Ксения Бородина защищает дочь от экс-партнеров

Ksenia Borodina complained recently that her brainchild called “Borodina-shop” in the hands betrayed her business partner. Fans suggest that one of the “partners” is the husband of TV presenter Kurban Omarov, with whom, apparently, she is now experiencing not the best period.

While fans of the star to talk about the personal life of his idol, she Borodin again complains about ex-partners in advertising products are continuing to use the photos, which depict her daughter Marusya. While titling the images with the girl as an “old story”.

Here that thinks about itself Ksenia: “Girls, that many of you here mom, how would you react to the fact that under a photo your child would have written “old story”?! As another hand rose to write?! Marusya — old story?! Children why implicate it! I understand that the scores using the children to score very easily, subscribers and pity from women, but my child’s I touch will never give and leave it! I asked Mary to take a picture because it was our family business, and my girl happily agreed! Continue to hang my pictures and friends! I again want to remind you that I have no right to prohibit the buying of things, but it is despicable and low to do so, touch the children! Continue to sit under my name and called Borodin Shop, avoid lawyers, but still the truth is on our side! Where their rebranding promised?” — wrote the star in Instagram.

Recall that the detailed comments about what is going on in the family and the business Borodina still does not.


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