Ksenia Borodina opens a restaurant

Ксения Бородина открывает ресторан Popular TV presenter is going to try a new business. Ksenia Borodina decided that the public power will have no limits. Also, the presenter noted that the average bill will not exceed 1500 rubles. Fans await the beginning of the summer to visit the school celebrity.

      Ксения Бородина открывает ресторан

      Longtime host of the popular project “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina decided to expand its business. Despite the fact that now is a celebrity not only works on TV, but also creating clothes and also runs a beauty salon, she decided to expand her business and become a restaurateur. Now fans will be able to appreciate the talent of the stars in the organization’s eating places.

      However, to implement the project, Ksenia will be along with chef Ilya Annunciation. After they met at one of the restaurants where he likes to dine Borodina, they had the idea of creating your own cozy place, where you can eat. They were able to quickly find the necessary start-up capital, a suitable premises, as well as to develop an original format. Now Kseniya and Ilya are preparing in the early summer to open a restaurant.

      “The new gastropub’m going to debunk all the prejudices of the restaurant and cancel all strict rules: whether you eat with your hands – please, eat with your hands, don’t want to pour beer into a glass, for God’s sake, drink from the bottle, like to discuss life with the bartender – then the entire staff is at your service. Guests are promised the maximum degree of relaxation and freedom. And also an open kitchen in the center of the hall, an interactive stand next to her, a good line of beer, timeless rock-and-roll hits the background and all the hit songs of street-food in the author’s execution of the Annunciation,” – said on his page in the microblog Borodin.

      The fans were very happy with such a news. They wished Ksenia successful opening of the restaurant and promised to visit her institution.

      “It would be very cool! Xenia, don’t fail”, “Ksenia done everywhere in all the spheres of time!”, “Clever! With God! I wish prosperity to the new offspring!” – glad subscribers per presenter.

      Ksenia also told us a bit about the menu at the new establishment. Moreover, the presenter noted that his restaurant will only choose the Russian products for cooking. She promised that the average expense will not exceed 1500 rubles. “On the grill will roast the meat on skewers, roti, famous for its ability to give products a fantastic crispy crust – chickens, ducks and porchetta, wok – noodles, in the waffle maker – Belgian waffle. Are eggs Benedict on croissants, and fish dumplings in Tom yum sauce, and salty pretzels with sweet cream cheese frosting, and many other bold ideas and interesting finds,” reveals the secret of Borodin.

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