Ksenia Borodina makes a sick with cancer friend

Ксения Бородина спасает больную раком знакомую TV presenter beginning of a fundraiser. Ksenia Borodina helps a large family that is faced with misfortune. The mother of three daughters was diagnosed with cancer. A woman is fighting for her life.

Leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina often helps people in trouble. Star tries to maintain the familiar people in difficult situations. In particular, for Ksenia always important to the family were full and the children were not deprived of parental love. The woman who has helped many celebrities in the organization of festivals, was diagnosed with brain cancer.

“Terrible grief touched my friend’s family. This young girl, Victoria, for many years his work was pleasing to many of us. And now Victoria is sick. The same Vick who did the holidays and came up with decorations, decorated houses and Christmas trees for the New year and happy from year to year birthdays children of all our customers and friends. A terrible diagnosis: cancer! Sounds like a death sentence, but we and her family decided to fight! About the diagnosis learned in December 2017, when Rimma with edema of the brain was in the hospital, and it shocked everyone! Vicky has three children (all daughters) and she is only 33 years old! Needs treatment!” – wrote Ksenia.

The star accompanied the post with photos of happy children, who embraces the mother. Victoria recently had surgery on the brain. According to Ksenia, the woman can move herself, but she lost vision due to metastatic lesions of the fundus. “Further evaluation is needed and chemotherapy, but all, alas, need the money. Because she has a big family and three girls, they need help,” – said Ksenia, putting the card details of the patient Victoria.

Borodin asked social network users to refrain from negative comments under this post. Often haters leave unflattering record in the microblog TV presenter. After such aggression Xenia closes them access to his page.

For many fans of the TV project “Dom-2” Ksenia is an example of the best mother. She devotes much time to the education of daughters, and also tries to instill independence. For the sake of loved star ready to go at all. “I’m a non-confrontational, but if someone came after my family, struck, without hesitation, because it is the most important thing that I have” – shared Ksenia with “StarHit”.