Ksenia Borodina: “I have not deleted. I was hacked!”

Ксения Бородина: «Я ничего не удаляла. Меня взломали!» The presenter explained why Instagram is gone it page. Many Internet users have decided that the star herself got rid of his microblog, therefore, diligently searching for the reason why she decided on this act.

      Ксения Бородина: «Я ничего не удаляла. Меня взломали!»

      A few million loyal fans Ksenia Borodina today was quite puzzled when I found that microblog their idol no longer exists. With spaces “Instagram” suddenly disappeared page of the host and this has caused many questions among those who were her followers. Some have decided that the page on the popular social network she got rid of herself, and therefore hastened to articulate their assumptions about the possible reasons of such act.

      Some decided that the star did it on purpose, others had thought that it hurt someone, and the third one blamed the incident on serious problems in the family celebrity. However, everything was much simpler – Borodin did not think to get rid of your account in Instagram. Leading most famous electroni of the country simply decided to hurt the attackers.


      “I have not deleted. I was hacked!” – explained the “StarHit” the disappearance of production itself Ksenia.

      Star intends in the near future to deal with the situation and the return of many beloved microblogging. Borodin realizes who is behind these outrageous actions and hopes that the culprit will not get what he bargained for.

      Celebrities are often targets for criminals in the Network. Some hacked pages of the stars for entertainment, others try to profit from it. Often scammers blackmailing famous people, promising to present to the public the facts found, or photos. Victims of Internet criminals became Marat Basharov, Anfisa Chekhov, Anna Semenovich, and many others. However, each of them managed with dignity to get out of this situation.

      “I’m sure it’s not by accident! Someone is trying to hurt me. To be honest, aware of who it is… We will find the attacker! And yet, I will soon return to his favorite followers”.

      Attention fans of Ksenia Borodina recently chained to it for a special occasion. Many have decided that the permanent leading “House-2” there are some problems in the family, who allegedly led her on emotions to get rid of their own pages on the Network. Internet users watched almost every step of Xenia and her husband Kurban Omarov and came to the conclusion that the couple is going through a difficult period.

      For the past few weeks, those rumors flare up with new force, however spouses do not rush to ujasnaya to a curious public. Ksenia Borodina long made it clear to the detractors that will not share with outsiders both happy and sad moments of his life, and under no circumstances will not allow her family members to make excuses.

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