Ксения Бородина собрала звездных подруг на дне рождения Теоны The TV presenter arranged for a two-year Thea posh party. The baby came to congratulate many celebrities, including Helen Buchino, Darya and Sergey Pynzar. Leading “House-2” does not get tired to admire the beauty and talent of the baby.

Ksenia Borodina became a mother for the second time on 22 December 2015. She gave birth spouse Kurban Omarov daughter Thea. In honor of the birthday of the baby, the parents decided to organize a major feast. They were invited to a party of friends not only girls but also their friends. So, at an event in honor of the birthday girl appeared Elena Bushina, Darya and Sergey Pynzar and many others.

The day before the girl’s father, Kurban Omarov congratulated touching daughter. He noted that the emergence of girls into the light completely changed his life.

“This day, at eight in the morning I put the Xenia in the car and drove to the hospital. Today it has been exactly 731 days from the moment Theon the Kurbanovna was born. Our lives sparkle even more colors. Despite his age, Theon is the main link of our large and friendly family,” said Omarov.

At the party for the little Thea was well attended by the animators. They entertained the kids, gave them fun contests and games. Party in the style of circus has caused a storm of emotions among the younger guests. She him with pleasure accepted congratulations.

Ksenia Borodina has carefully planned event. So, the whole room was decorated with pink balloons and flowers. The birthday girl and her sister Mary appeared at the festival in the same bright dresses. The girls made a splash at the event. The design of the dress Thea is fully consistent with the theme of the celebration.

Previously Ksenia Borodina told that did not expect such vigor from the younger daughter. According to the presenter, that Theon is the commander in their house, and under her schedule adjusted to all family members.

“My dear girl, you opened me a very different side. I’m from a very serious and strict mom became a mother, from which you mold what your heart desires. We’re all running home as soon as possible you have met the threshold and began to tell what happened to you the day interesting,” – said Borodin.

Fans also congratulated the baby. They again noted that Thea is incredibly similar to Xenia.

The birthday girl presenter held a dress rehearsal for a future occasion. She invited three animators, which for several hours entertained the girl. Thea also got the first gifts, and on Saturday it was waiting for a real party. The girl enjoyed having fun in the company of peers. Blue-eyed girl managed to charm everyone present on the occasion.