Ksenia Borodina has gathered a stellar girlfriends at a party daughter

Ксения Бородина собрала звездных подруг на вечеринке дочери The eldest daughter of the longtime leading “House-2” was 8 years old. On a large-scale celebration held in honor of this event, was attended by numerous friend of the star mother. In his “Instagrame” Ksenia Borodina has posted a series of photographs of the young heiress, touching, congratulating the girl.

Leading “House-2” we often share the success and achievements of the eldest daughter, pictures of Marousi and then there are the social networks of her mother. To please the girl birthday, she arranged for the baby of a large-scale party entertainers and great scenery. The celebration took place in a popular Moscow restaurant, where there were large pieces of the white rabbit, chess, Cheshire cat and other characters from the famous tale of Lewis Carroll. The birthday girl tried on the famous blue dress, becoming for one night in Alice in Wonderland.

“You make me feel so lucky for my part, do you feel the mom with every cell in my body, I’m always in your sight, you’re worried about me every minute . At 16:10, 10 June 2009 was born my mother’s copy. Stay always such an example to everyone, you fascinate people with one opinion, you do not leave anyone indifferent, I admire you,” touching congratulated Borodina Marusya in your Instagram.

The celebration was attended by not only the same age girls, but many friend Xenia. So, this celebration was attended by Margarita Agibalova son, Karina Petrosian leading Anna Goroga, Maria Pogrebnyak, Lena Bushina, Tatyana Lyalina, and many others.

For the kids was provided for numerous activities, including outdoor games, dancing and, of course, the game in the scenery of the beloved tale. Not left behind and the spouse of Xenia, Kurban Omarov, who also congratulated Mary.

“Today is the birthday of the most intelligent member of our family. The girl who never ceases to amaze us with their knowledge and how an eight year old child may think. Girls, which shows the results both in sports and in art, easily mastering all new”, – signed photo with the birthday lobster.

By the way, in honor of this joyous event star parents decided to show and the younger daughter Thea. Almost at the same time Ksenia and media posted photos of the baby. Earlier, the presenter shared shots girls only from the back or side. Judging by the way the celebration took place, and with what poignancy congratulated Marusya members of her family, in the privacy of Borodina reigns absolute idyll.

The first photos of Teona, youngest daughter Ksenia Borodina.