Ksenia Borodina “gone too far” with obvious photoshop

Ксения Бородина "переборщила" с явным фотошопом
Leading House-2 Ksenia Borodina presented in his blog the results of the new photoshoot. The images were created for another collection.

Ксения Бородина "переборщила" с явным фотошопом

“Yesterday was a very positive day, shot the new collection summer 2017 from @bang_bang_borodina. To me your black gossip with lacing , very important this season.”

– wrote Ksenia.

Ксения Бородина "переборщила" с явным фотошопом

But the followers depends not so much on the clothes as on the Xenia.

“Even thinner nose! Still have cheekbones! And that really ain’t gonna fly”

“Totally killed the natural beauty”

“Why do these puppet photos. Xenia and beauty”

– outraged fans.

Ксения Бородина "переборщила" с явным фотошопом

Indeed, in these photos Borodina quite not the same as in life, but the purpose of images is to show the clothes and accessories, not a natural presenter.

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