Ксения Бородина: «Ради благополучия дочерей мы с мужем свернем горы» A few days before New year “StarHit” back stars in his childhood and asked to write to Santa Claus about it and make a wish. First publish a letter from Ksenia Borodina. TV presenter summed up 2017 year, and told what awaits in 2018. According to Kseniya, she hopes to see loved ones healthy and happy.
Ксения Бородина: «Ради благополучия дочерей мы с мужем свернем горы»

“The wizard Santa Claus in our family you most look forward to Mara, Thea and cat Shanti. Every day he inspects what’s new under the tree. Put and caudate gift.

Children are my greatest happiness. Thank you for 2017 was successful for Marousi: every time like the first rejoice of her achievements in rhythmic gymnastics. You want to in the coming year it ranked only the first places. And maybe my baby girl will draw the attention of top coaches, such as, for example, Irina Viner. EECCA too clever – curious, kind, sincere, every day surprised us with a Feast of achievements.

The most important thing is that the girls were healthy, because I can not find a place even for a simple cold. But for the well-being of my husband and move mountains! Hopefully, in 2018, finally finished the repairs in the house, our cozy nest. This, of course, not an easy task – as we have with your beloved disputes: because of the color of the walls, due to some door handles.

All serious issues, of course, more on the Eid, but I also need to get involved everywhere! Construction is an interesting process, most importantly, for a long time it does not linger.

The year was fruitful: I opened the third beauty. During the crisis, any initiative is a risk, but, apparently, clients love what we do. The husband, by the way, thinking about the Barber shop -popular mustache like his, not even Igor Nikolaev! I am so grateful for real friends, my favorite “the washerwoman.” There are no random people each time-tested and actions. And this is an important quality, in my opinion, to be able to be friends, to be near in sorrow and in joy. I’d love to carry that friendship through the years.

And I almost forgot about the special order from my girls: let the “Kinder-surprises” often come across the Hippo and disney Princess. They have a collection as we once!”