Ксения Бородина заканчивает грандиозный ремонт в загородном доме
“Worse than fire, but we like it!” — says TV presenter.

Ксения Бородина заканчивает грандиозный ремонт в загородном доме

Ksenia Borodina in anticipation of enormous change:
the presenter is close to completing the repairs in a country cottage, which she
together with her husband Kurban Omarov purchased in one of elite settlements

Square two-storey mansion is 216 square
meters, and to purchase the couple spent 18.5 million rubles. Soon
time cottage repair is complete, and the whole family will move into their own homes.

“You know, when you’re in last weeks of pregnancy
all you constantly asking when in labor? Here feel the same way every
tries to ask, well, when moving, — says Ksenia. — Oh, Yes, we have
ready to throw mattresses and stay there for the night! There are very few. Though
moving is each time worse than a fire, but then we are not scared! We
homesick, want to go, that is already enough. Waiting for
Italian furniture, which is very slow, but goes. I’m so glad
the builders got the gold and not the price, but the quality is… First, we are faced
with such irresponsible employees now understand how important it is to find
the good and faithful. In General, as soon as possible. And yet every day
run to the construction site, the period of construction is considered to be the most difficult for me
the most enjoyable!”