Ксения Бородина решилась на перемены ради мужа The presenter wanted to surprise wife on the eve of his birthday. Ksenia Borodina became ash blonde. Star boasted staining results with fans on the social network.

      Ksenia Borodina decided to change the image. The media personality went to the beauty salon on the eve of her husband’s birthday Kurban Omarov. The couple recently reconciled after a long separation. Apparently, a new page of his life, the star decided to open with new styles. In addition, she congratulated the choice in your account.

      “My husband, today is your day! Happy birthday to you, my good! All I wanted to wish you, I did it myself! Just want to say thank you for our daughter, which has United us for life, enveloped us with love, and now I love every minute spent together. Everything you have outlined will come true I believe in you, love”, – wrote in his microblog Ksenia spouse.

      The result of the transformation of Xenia has shared with his fans on a social network “Instagram”. Pictures and videos that Borodin posted, you can see that she used a trendy technique of dyeing Shatush. In this case, generally, there are two close shade when coloring curls, allowing you to achieve the effect of burnt hair. Closer to the ends of the hair becomes lighter.

      It is worth noting that the update was to face Borodina. This fact was stated by her fans. They admired the hair of the stars.

      “Cool color”, “Coloration is very relevant and trendy”, “well Done, need to change, to refresh your way to be interesting yourself”, “Xenia, is very cool and stylish”, “You”, “Younger look has become, but red still suits you more, Ksenia”, – expressed his opinion of the fans of the stars.

      Interestingly, not only Borodin uses new trends in painting. For example, Victoria Daineko went on. She’s not just lighten the ends of your hair, but dyed them in bright red. By the way, this color is now the most popular among the stars.

      Victoria Dayneko boasted a trendy image

      We will remind, in may Nyusha decided to experiment with the appearance of another. She surprised fans that stood with red curls. This bold step aroused heated discussions of fans of the young singer. Many do not even believe that it is not false hair. The actress wears this hairstyle for a few months and are quite pleased with themselves.

      Was no exception and star of “House-2” Elina Kamiren. She dyed the ends of your hair red for the celebration of the wedding of her friends. However, Elina said he used a special chalk, which quickly washed away, leaving the head of the trail.

      But Nastasya Samburski decided to stand out among the colleagues to the scene. She appeared before the public with the blue strands. So many unexpected decision the actress suggested her favorite stylist, who is not the first transforms the star.

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