Ксения Бородина обеспокоена состоянием младшей дочери The presenter does to the little Tay felt good. Ksenia Borodina immediately appeals to the professionals to fully control the health of the girl. Fans admire the responsibility and care of the presenter.

      Ksenia Borodina became a mother for the second time at the end of last year. Little daughter Thea gave a TV presenter and her husband, businessman Kurban Omarov, infinite happiness. Husband and wife always shared his joy with all subscribers in the microblog. Despite the fact that she very carefully monitors the health heiresses, fragile body of her youngest daughter couldn’t resist the virus. However, Borodin urgently turned to the experts and just a night spent in a medical facility, the health of gay men has improved markedly.

      “For me, children’s health is most important! Thea picked up a strong virus last week that no matter what fever did not respond. Of course, I scared the baby was weak, didn’t want to eat at all. And we were urgently admitted to PMC. They immediately took blood and urine, did an ultrasound, the doctor looked up and gave the necessary treatment. The baby spent the night in a private room and was discharged home the next day cheerfully to home mode. We’re quite well again, and the doctor showed vigilance and came, because the child is small, then you need to be prepared to complete the treatment to the end! Girls, take care of their kids, trust the professionals,” – wrote Ksenia.

      Fans were very concerned about the health of the daughter of the presenter, and hastened to share his experience. As it turned out, many children fell ill in the same period as and Thea.

      “Some strange virus! My nephew got it, too! Temperature tall! Antipyretics were given, so they a maximum of an hour down, then came up again! Also was taken to the hospital!” “The health of the baby and never get sick!”, “Xenia, and the vaccination did not put before the child of his having a cold? Very often this reaction can be vaccinated, not immediately. Health to you and your girls,” wrote the loyal fans.

      Immediately after birth of the youngest daughter Ksenia decided to protect the first year of baby’s life. She signed a contract with a medical institution that doctors have conducted regular examination of the child. Borodin is committed to constantly monitor the health of gay men and to be sure that the heir all right.

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