Ksenia Borodina came off with her husband on vacation

Ксения Бородина оторвалась с мужем на отдыхе The permanent presenter of the reality show “Dom-2” to enjoy a vacation in Dubai. Bask in the sea came the whole family of the celebrity – spouse and children and close friends. In addition to walking and sunbathing, the star does not forget about club parties.

      After a long labor season on TV, which leads Ksenia, she and her husband Kurban Omarov went to the United Arab Emirates, to forget about city bustle and to have fun at the popular resort. A celebrity couple took the General’s daughter Theon, which will soon turn one year, as well as children from a previous marriage, 7-year-old Mary and 8-year-old Omar.

      Relax with Borodina flew and her best friend Natalia Alai with spouse and children. Young women don’t forget to delight subscribers with the photos, which show how to spend time in Dubai. Among the photographs with children in Xenia Instagram photo appeared of a nightclub Cavalli Club, where the whole company came to have fun.

      “Well sit,” the brief signed post TV presenter. The photo shows how gently Eid holds the hand of his wife, and doubt that the couple is happy, no one there. Subscribers Borodina, of which there are almost seven million remained in the East from the look of them favorite. Indeed, in the picture Ksenia was particularly slender and fragile next to Omarov, whose review compared to a real hero. Behind the General picture of the club’s star TV posted a photo, which she sensually hugs the wife, not hiding a genuine smile.

      “Very handsome couple, ugh ugh, ugh, not to jinx it”, “Live long and prosper”, “huge Happiness to you and health to you and your baby”, “you are such a wonderful couple!”, “It’s great that you’re back together and happy!”, – admired fans.

      Kurban Omarov, in turn, is also published in the microblog the same photo in an embrace with Ksenia, signing it: “And you thought we were already old men? We asked permission from the children and rushed to shake things up”. Apparently, a pair of knitting with me to the Emirates nanny and have used uslovoi babysitter at the hotel where they were staying. And Kurban, and Ksenia, despite the enormous love for his children, does not neglect the opportunity to go out, to arrange a romantic date and meet friends.

      The businessman is not less than his wife puts in, the social network pictures from vacation, most of which are still present little Tay and has grown Mary and Omar.

      We should give the subscribers Borodina: when her family had the disorder, all as one, rushed to soothe and support your favorite star. All, without exception, assured her in the comments that a woman like her deserves only the best, and is certainly formed. On review it was obvious that the fans write sincerely and seriously worried about the Xenia. There were those who doubted the honesty of celebrities and felt exposed problems in their personal lives as nothing more than a clever PR move. But such skeptical followers was very small, especially in comparison and the million-man “army” the defenders of the head of the popular electroni.

      Fortunately, Borodin and lobster found the strength to forgive each other grievances, to forget all quarrels and to build relationships. Have long microblog Ksenia is filled with many happy family photos, which present themselves as pamirensis spouses and their children.