Ksenia Borodina announced Nastasya Samburski the war because of jealousy to her husband

Ксения Бородина объявила Настасье Самбурской войну из-за ревности к мужу

This summer brought the family of Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov many experiences. The pair was almost on the verge of divorce and not the last in this role, according to the belief of many, played the star of the show “Univer” Nastasya Samburski. Said that the lobster had an affair with an actress and left the family fortune on a fleeting affair. Added fuel to the fire and the time when, in his Instagram did the posts that mention alias Kurban “Zима”.

Later the situation cleared up and it turned out that the husband Borodina together with Samburski preparing a new project, which was to thunder in Instagram. It seemed that she forgave her blessed and tried to establish a relationship with him. A few months for the pair was really fabulous. Suddenly the other day this story of Nastassja acquired a new stage of development.

Borodin was blocked by the actress in the already mentioned social networks. And told about it to users myself Nastasia as she is peculiar, in a sarcastic manner: “Cold, give, think, go, puhovichok will look or boots which, well, or never used to stretch. And then boom… For what? I’m on the detector confirmed that her husband was nothing.”

Ksenia Borodina situation so far has not commented.