Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov presented the tale of little Theon

Ксения Бородина и Курбан Омаров подарили сказку маленькой Теоне Theon turned one year old. The girl’s parents accept congratulations from friends and acquaintances. Mom and dad doted in his little girl. According to Kurban Omarov, the emergence of Thea rallied their family.

      Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov noted one year old daughter Teona. 22 Dec 2015 a baby born in the perinatal center “Mother and child” in Sevastopol. Thea’s parents immediately realized that now their lives will change completely. Xenia and Eid again remembered what it’s like to babysit a newborn.

      Thea and her mother started to get nice wishes from the night. “All the best baby! Congratulate the parents with such a beautiful girl”, “You are a very cool family”, “I Congratulate you with the birthday girl! Health and happiness to you and Thea!”, “Let your baby grows to the delight of mom and dad and be healthy and happy,” wrote subscribers presenter “House-2”.

      Borodin admitted that before going to sleep Kurban Omarov gave her a bouquet of tea roses. “We have already dozing with Theon when dad came to congratulate us,” said star’s mom, laying frame with a gift.

      Dad beautiful little girl left a touching congratulation under the family from a recent photo shoot. Members of the businessman was touched by the depth of his words and noted that he is an excellent father.

      “One year ago my beloved gave me this little diamond. A girl, with blue as the sky, eyes that were firmly tied our big family. Girl who with one look turns my blood. It’s hard to describe the feeling that I feel when the word “Daddy” from her lips. All the problems and worries cease to exist. Worldliness gets in a break, and I’m drowning in her universe. Such a girl came to me in my father’s dreams, it is about a daughter, I asked the Almighty,” – said Kurban Omarov on his page in the social network.

      The birthday morning started with multiple balls flying around the house star of the family. Borodin took a short video where he showed how specialists for the holidays tried for her daughter. “Thea woke up in a good mood, and when he saw a house full of balls, I realized that she much. We are about a year old, so time flies”, signed movie presenter.

      Recall that for a long time, and she tried not to show, but as soon as the girl grew older, the star began to share her images. Baby also managed to take part in a fashion photo shoot for a glossy magazine. Fans Borodina always look forward to new staff year-old daughter. However, persons heiress near nobody saw.