Ксения Бородина и Курбан Омаров начали общаться ради детей

Celebrity breakup seem to have made the right decision – to become friends.

Fans of TV presenter Ksenia Borodina and businessman Kurban Omarov can be calm. Old lovers have agreed to maintain good relations for the sake of the children.

Not so long ago journalists noticed Xenia and Eid in one of the capital’s supermarkets. They are cute met and chose products and goods for the home. To talk about vossoedinenii pair too early or even impossible. A few days ago of Telemedia otvergali that will soon file for divorce.

The cause of the quarrel between the former lovers, according to Kseniya, have become the betrayal of Eid.

“I thought he can be a loving husband and a caring father (as he presents himself to the public). But this night December 12, I remember all my life. My husband came home at 7 am with another home party, and I had 10 days to delivery! All that is written about infidelity, it’s true, and I found out about it. Even know the apartment of our common friend Gregory of Join) that covered his hard partying cheating” – said the media personality in the microblog.

Kurban Omarov excuses did not. But he said that loved Xenia and always will be to her to be good, because she is the mother of his child. Read more HERE.

While Borodin was adamant and told reporters that he is not going to communicate with Omarov. Fortunately, the children of the star couple from the first marriage – Mary, Ksenia and Omar Eid, despite the quarrel of the parents, support link. Not so long ago in the network appeared the total picture of children’s parties on the occasion of the birthday of the son of the former participants of the reality show Darya and Sergey Pynzar (see HERE). Saw whether on holiday Xenia and Eid, is unknown. It is likely that their children on this day was Babysitting.

Ksenia and Kurban, recall, were married July 3, 2015. In December of the same year the couple was born the daughter of Theon.

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