Ksenia Borodina afraid for their children

Ксения Бородина боится за своих детей
The TV presenter was in Turkey during the military coup.

Ksenia Borodina with her daughters

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

It looks like a Paradise vacation in Kemer, which is so
dreamed daughter Ksenia Borodina Mary, may suddenly be interrupted. TV presenter
chose to stay with two small kids hotel in Turkey, but now doubts
the correctness of his decision. The fact that on the day of her arrival in the country there was a coup attempt. Xenia yet intends to remain in Antalya, but
very worried about the safety of their daughters.

“My dear, we’re OK, kids are sleeping, and we’re away
from Istanbul. Of course the situation is bad, but we hold on! As soon as they
— fly away!” — Borodin wrote in the microblog.

Meanwhile, many speculated about what will Ksenia
your vacation with husband — Kurban Omarov, or not? Some time ago it became
it is known that the couple had a big fight, and later appeared rumors about
the impending divorce of the couple. Borodin, your family problems not
commented, as a result, fans have already managed to break heads in search of
the reasons for the separation. First, a version that she and Eid had a fight
because of their joint business. Then Mikhail Terekhin, the ex-boyfriend of Xenia, suggested,
because of excessive jealousy of the presenter. Now Omarov attribute
an affair with actress Nastassja Samburski, with whom he now spends time in

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