Ксения Бородина обвинила семью Жанны Фриске в неуважении к певице
TV presenter outraged, as after the stars behave in her family.

Ксения Бородина обвинила семью Жанны Фриске в неуважении к певице

Zhanna Friske

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Instagram

In connection with the recent events in the “House-2” —
the tragic deaths of the two ex-participants of the popular show, leading the project Ksenia Borodina expressed his opinion concerning the events. Star extremely outraged that sometimes occurs after
the death of public figures. In particular, the Xenia in his monologue raised a family of Zhanna Friski,
categorically stating that the singer’s family after her passing behaves, to put it mildly
not worthy.

“How sad that in our country do not know how to see people
beautiful and dignified! — posted by Borodin in the personal microblog. — People die
public people… This is a mountain for every family! But in our country social
network and press so dirty doing their job, so in such difficult moments, manage
still so much mud to pour . Obvious example, is always worthy Zhanna Friske,
which has never wanted and does not like to dwell on the topic of his personal
life. And what happened after she left?
Own family made 33 assists, fights, mud and dividing the money. Over the past
month died 2 former participant “Houses-2”.

And here, too, was not without direct
esters of the cemetery, dirt, Drugs, and everything else! Look at this,
read a Hair-raising! Why not say goodbye to people in
the last way to say something nice and move on?! Leave it to the police,
the investigation, the special people, if a murder has occurred, to reach the truth, why
thumb 33 times , people will not return. Respect at least that they left
after yourself! Is it so difficult?” Many subscribers microblog star thanked her
for the post, and fully agreed.