Ксению Бородину обвинили в цинизме после смерти отца
The presenter faced with misunderstanding from the fans.

Ksenia Borodina

On the eve appeared in the media information about the death of his father Ksenia Borodina — Kim Amoeba. The presenter lost my father on may 14, but it has become known only after almost five days. On the day when Amaev died after a long illness, she has published in the microblog cheerful photo and not mention the tragedy. Moreover, Borodin at the time was in St. Petersburg, where he arrived to hang with the family.

Critics called the behavior of a movie star, “heartless.” Ostensibly about the loss of his father, she told the press herself, and only then in her microblog appeared first sad post. Detractors openly poison Borodin, saying that it is promoted on the death of the Pope. Many, violating all norms of decency, Ksenia expressed their dissatisfaction. The presenter often engages in verbal sparring with the haters. In the comments to a recent entry, she responded to all charges.

“Remember, I’m from the yellow press do not communicate and do not intend ever to communicate. Parasite on some things for the sake of hype, too, will not. Press on pity? It’s definitely not my story. Report to the people, too, will not, and the fact that the photo I sad is your conclusion, not mine. How I act is my own business!” — says Borodin.

Incidentally, when she was a little girl, her parents divorced, and then place her dad took a businessman from Italy, Jenny. He dealt with all matters of education Borodina. Recently, she talked about what a big role he played in her life. But about his own father Ksenia did not say almost never, moreover, did not show a joint photo with him. However, it is known that shortly before his death Amoeba, Borodin visited him in Georgia.