Ксения Бородина: о личной жизни, воспитании дочерей, лишнем весе и «Доме-2»
TV star openly commented on recent events.

Ксения Бородина: о личной жизни, воспитании дочерей, лишнем весе и «Доме-2»

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Instagram

Due to the fact that a personal account of Ksenia Borodina in one of
social networking has been hacked, host of the show “Dom-2” has found a new way to
communicate with millions of their fans. Star spends online translation in
fashion app. The format is reminiscent of video chat, only Borodin not
saw his companions, and read the comments and questions that pop up on

Ksenia Borodina with her second husband Kurban Omarov

Photo: Instagram

Main question: why she split up with her second
my husband and Kurban Omarov (which six months ago she gave birth to daughter Thea)
— remained unanswered. Borodin has avoided the discussion of this delicate topic,
thanking all, who cares about her. But all the other
questions were answered very frankly…

Borodin admitted that during the second pregnancy gained
13 kilograms
excess weight. But just six months after the appearance of Teona, she has come in
perfect shape, and now weighs 46
kg with height of 164 see “Need to sew up the mouth, to abandon
rolls and sweet”, — shares his secret Xenia. But sometimes she also
breaks from dieting. Borodin laughingly remembered how, during one recent evening together
with the eldest daughter, seven-year-old man (from my first husband, businessman Yuri budaqov)
watched a movie and at night they both ran to the kitchen and made sandwiches to satisfy your hunger.

This fall, Mary will go to the first class, but to call summer
daughter of stars on the eve of a carefree school impossible. Twice a week the girl
goes to English and engaged in artistic gymnastics. 10 Jun
Borodin’s magnificently celebrated birthday Marousi, arranging a party in the style of disney
Mermaid. On this occasion, by the way, next to the Xenia and the kids was gone Kurban Omarov.
Then there are problems in the family star had already begun a few weeks ago.

It is noteworthy that Borodin somehow made nervous the question,
whether she’s going to leave the project “Dom-2”. The star’s response was categorical: “No!”
Which is not surprising, because this show did Xenia insanely popular. But the discussion of this topic caused her to worry more than a discussion of the relationship with her husband.

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