Ksenia Borodina about the fight with Buzova: “I can not stand next to the traitors!”

Ксения Бородина о ссоре с Бузовой: «Я не терплю рядом предателей!»
The presenter made a Frank admission about friendships.

Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova

Photo: Instagram.com

As predicted by fans, between Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova really happened big fight. It is not excluded that the two stars of “House-2” broke off friendly relations forever. It all started with the recital of Buzova, held recently in the capital. The performance of Olga and the ensuing afterparty was invited many star girlfriend, an aspiring singer. But Borodina was not among them. Fans immediately suspected something was wrong. Fans tried to justify Borodin, saying that maybe she was busy on the set? But no… Apparently, she fundamentally missed an important event in the life of Buzova. Why? Today in the microblog Xenia has a record that sheds light on the conflict between two presenters of the controversial telestroke.

“Once, and hopefully forever, I want to close the issue with the friendship! I have often written that I had a lot of girlfriends, so I was a child, loved the large company and was always open to communication. I don’t immediately see the shortcomings of people, rather do not want to notice them, always give people a chance to unfold, because the circumstances are different!

Sometimes you need to spend even years but I will never be close to hypocritical, lying, traitors, rolling stone, insincere, silly, and most importantly people , which in addition to the benefits in the eyes and heart is nothing. Dummy! But pity, nothing to test to them do not want and can not. I will always give the last close know that all my, I will always extend a helping hand, I know how to make friends, to experience with the people closest to me, know how to listen and hear, but never apart from my shoulder close to me did not need anything . We make each other feel ….. I have friends, colleagues , partners and so on, all these people, they can be different, but that does not mean that we are close friends, though I respect them!

So leave me alone with the topic of where I go and with whom I make friends, I have never had a problem and never will be, because I have friends tested over the years, with whom I will stay for a lifetime! As you have noticed I have almost no friends in show business , there are many people with whom I communicate, who I respect, but I have friends there for sure! I don’t believe in this friendship and I will never believe in it, I guess there are exceptions, but I have not seen. I communicate with many , but to call it a friendship, a big word!”

Olga, by the way, have already answered this attack Xenia. She published a photo with Maria Pogrebnyak and sister Anna, which is signed: “So many meetings fleeting and fake friends! After my solo concerts, I once again convinced of this… it Hurts, but I’ll manage. I’m no stranger! Thank you that you are always with me!”